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Happyland is a Christian mixed day and boarding Primary School. The School opened its doors to its first pupils in the year 1993 as Pre-school in a rented house. After five year of success of the pre-school, the management decided to open up a primary section. This took place in the year 1999 and sat for our first K.C.P.E in year 2006. In 2007 a Boarding section commenced which is currently holding the capacity of 500 pupils. It is now a full day and boarding school. In the year 2015, Girls’ high school in Kiserian was started and in the year 2021 new primary school was started in Greenspan that hosts new curriculum system (CBC), in year 2023 we have started two Junior Secondary Schools; one in Buruburu and the other one in Greenspan. The school currently boasts of six campuses – one for the Girls’ Senior School in Kiserian, Primary Section, Junior Secondary and Pre-school along Rabai Road in Buruburu and another CBC primary school and Junior Secondary in Greenspan.

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