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At Happyland Preparatory School, every member of staff is part of the pastoral team. Your child’s well-being are a priority of the school and we work in partnership with you to ensure your child’s care while at school is entirely holistic.

We implement Pastoral Program Instruction (PPI) is a school based and coordinated intervention to help individual learners improve their social, emotional and behavioral skills. We also have a school Counsellor who attends to our children, staff and parents at a personal level.

Our caring teachers ensure that children understand what is expected of them and they are prepared to handle different situations, conflicts and understand the need to make the right choices. The duty of our teachers is to set firm boundaries to hone good behaviour for our pupils. Regular training sessions, provided by leading Behaviour Specialists, ensures that all teachers are fully conversant with up-to-date classroom management practices.

Positive achievements are promoted through awarding credits for good work, effort, behaviour, and any special activity in which a child or class has been involved — both inside and outside the school.

Our teachers are trained on Safeguarding and Child Protection issues and our Health & Safety policy is reviewed regularly. First Aid is administered by our resident school nurse, who is always on hand if children are feeling unwell or to offer hugs following a scraped knee.

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